Introduction to Business Analytics


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US$120.00(Non-Massy Employees)

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Introduction to Business Analytics


For every business to succeed and stay competitive in its domain, there is a need for continuous improvement and increased efficiency in processes and procedures to streamline the business. In this 3-hour introductory workshop, you will understand the importance of using business analytics in detecting inefficiencies as well as business opportunities.

Participants will learn to:

  • Understand the concept and relevance of business analytics.
  • Explore the evolution of business analytics.
  • Examine the various types of business analytics.
  • Understand the scope of business analytics using various case studies.
  • Discover the role of accountability with focus on discipline and reward/recognition strategies.
  • Explore software tools best suited for the presentation of data.



Target Audience

All Audiences

Class Size

15 people


Three hours (virtually)

Delivery Method

Virtual Instructor Led

Other Delivery Formats available:

  1. In Person
  2. Hybrid. 

Contact for details.

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