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The Skills Your Employees Need to Work Effectively with AI

Leaders understand that the future will involve humans working with AI and feel immense pressure to “do something” to implement AI solutions. But how do they actually integrate AI with their workforce to achieve good business outcomes? Right now, the corporate world is in the

How Generative AI Will Transform Knowledge Work

Generative AI can be a boon for knowledge work, but only if you use it in the right way. New generative AI-enabled tools are rapidly emerging to assist and transform knowledge work in industries ranging from education and finance to law and medicine. Generative AI

Communicating Effectively with Team Members Different From You

To build a successful and sustainable business, a team of employees – who bring their unique abilities, strengths, and perspectives to the challenges you face – is needed. But to draw and keep talented individuals who have a variety of skills and personality types, you

How To Address Employee Absenteeism In The Workplace

It is very common for business owners to have to deal with absenteeism related to sickness, among other reasons, in their workplace. The downside to such absences can often be disruptive to the business if left unmanaged. How can employers properly deal with this issue?

The Next Competitive Advantage in Talent: Continuous Employee Listening

People analytics can provide real-time insights. Here’s how leaders can use them to identify critical needs, make decisions more quickly, and strengthen their employee value propositions.  How are your employees feeling? Arguably, there’s no question more critical in organizations today. But truly understanding how employees—individually

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