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Jason Downey
IT Security, Privacy & Governance Manager | Massy Integrated Retail Portfolio

Jared Wright
Vice President Massy Distribution, Barbados

Jason Sambrano
Managing Director | Roberts Manufacturing Company

Feedback from Other Satisfied Clients

Tracy Awai's session entitled "Every Manager is an HR Manager" was a first-class session. She kept us engaged with real-world scenarios and allowed participants to weigh in, using their own experiences. We covered a lot of material, but the pace was ideal - it did not feel rushed or slow. I would definitely recommend this session to persons who are current, or prospective, people leaders!

Terrence DMassy United Insurance Barbados

This course exceeded my expectations, I always considered myself to be an excellent leader, however, the course highlighted that there are several areas of improvement, I took lots of notes, and it is my intention to review these notes and continue to grow as a leader and to also educate my team so that they can also be successful leaders. We are in charge of shaping our future and forging our own paths.

Rhonda Thomas Massy Finance GFC

Expectations of a Massy Leader has redefined my understanding of what a "Good Leader" should be. I cannot wait to apply what I have learned to my persoanl and professional life.

Nikkita Mohammed

This Course on Mastering Crucial Conversations has impacted the way I go about building relationship with my team members, finding out what their story is in order to understand what they are experiencing.

Michael ParrisMassy Machinery Ltd. - Trinidad & Tobago

The information provided by Earl Boodasingh will help me use the 5 Massy values based approach in dealing with situations.

S.B Massy Stores (SLU) Ltd, St. Lucia

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