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Jason Downey
IT Security, Privacy & Governance Manager | Massy Integrated Retail Portfolio

Jared Wright
Vice President Massy Distribution, Barbados

Jason Sambrano
Managing Director | Roberts Manufacturing Company

Feedback from Other Satisfied Clients

I will use [the information learnt] to create more interesting company and community presentations and will definitely use the new shortcuts to save time taken to do the reports. Will share liberally with my teammates to help them improve their reports.

I am far more knowledgeable about PowerPoint and will use it more for presentations and for its tools.

Bentley makes learning and understanding what you have learnt easy. His methods are unique and his tone is easy, which makes "asking to repeat or kindly go over" welcoming.

What impressed me most? The facilitator's respect for individual competency levels, his acknowledgement of questions, and ensuring that no one was left behind. His generosity in sharing information not included in the course content, his thorough knowledge of the subject matter. He made learning so euphoric!

What impressed me [about this program] was that all of the information could be broken down so well. She made sure we understood before moving on, while still finding time to talk to us and deal with our individual queries.

The program was made simple due to the lecturer, he made it easy to understand difficult concepts, while making the class enjoyable.

Kazimir Russell Massy Properties (Barbados) Ltd.

The overall course [was impressive]! With the knowledge received from this two day session, I am more cognizant of how I view situations, and the correct way to arrive to a conclusion and make a decision. The course will enable me to be more efficient in my job and personal life.

Understanding my personality traits, recognizing my strengths, showing and demonstrating to me how I can improve and understand how people's feelings can effectively impact on the outcome. My level of professionalism has been enhanced.

Derek SisnettManagement Team, Customer Service

Excellent facilitator, excellent delivery of subject matter, kept me engaged the entire two days

Rochelle SquiresMassy United Insurance Trinidad

Tracy Awai's session entitled "Every Manager is an HR Manager" was a first-class session. She kept us engaged with real-world scenarios and allowed participants to weigh in, using their own experiences. We covered a lot of material, but the pace was ideal - it did not feel rushed or slow. I would definitely recommend this session to persons who are current, or prospective, people leaders!

Terrence DMassy United Insurance Barbados

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