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Jason Downey
IT Security, Privacy & Governance Manager | Massy Integrated Retail Portfolio

Jared Wright
Vice President Massy Distribution, Barbados

Jason Sambrano
Managing Director | Roberts Manufacturing Company

Feedback from Other Satisfied Clients

Excellent facilitator, excellent delivery of subject matter, kept me engaged the entire two days

Rochelle SquiresMassy United Insurance Trinidad

Tracy Awai's session entitled "Every Manager is an HR Manager" was a first-class session. She kept us engaged with real-world scenarios and allowed participants to weigh in, using their own experiences. We covered a lot of material, but the pace was ideal - it did not feel rushed or slow. I would definitely recommend this session to persons who are current, or prospective, people leaders!

Terrence DMassy United Insurance Barbados

It's been a really insightful and spiritual experience for me. I am happy to see that Leadership in our country has reached to this level. By participating in this Training you will not only learn how to be a leader but a more balanced person.

Ramona Siewsarran Massy Machinery Ltd. Trinidad.

Expectations of a Massy Leader Program has been intentionally crafted to not only be engaging but also relatable and inspiring to the participants. The program appropriately captures the "Massy Spirit" and serves as a great guide/compass for building one's leadership skills and how to cultivate and nurture our interactions with our team, our peers, our suppliers and our customers.

Aisha SealyMassy Distribution Trinidad

The UNDP Peacebuilding and Project Management course facilitated by the Massy Learning Institute was fantastic. The dynamic facilitators used a variety of tools and resources to connect with participants, and participants were equally given the opportunity to liaise with each other. From the prompt start for each of the sessions to the "DJ" with musical interludes, I would definitely say that this course was a rewarding experience. 

Nikisha ToppinFounder | Elaine's Caribbean Crochet

This sessions was very interactive and informative. definitely took away a lot of info

RyshaMassy United Insurance Trinidad

Excellent program as it gave practical knowledge on the way forward when leading projects.

Marisa MorrainMassy Stores Trinidad

Today's session on KPI Development was helpful and quite timely. The items were broken down into layman's terms and the facilitator guided the learning process quite capably.

Terence DublinMassy United Insurance Barbados

Massy is a dynamic company with great innovative leaders.

Elizabeth PrescodMassy United Insurance Barbados

It's easy to take conversations for granted. And I've probably done so without knowing it. After experiencing this program, I'll never approach a conversation lightly, particularly knowing the transformational impact it can have.

Sean MitchellMassy ACL Trinidad

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