Team Coaching

Course Information:
“Team Coaching is a process by which a team coach works with a whole team, both when they are together and when they are apart, in order to help them both improve their collective performance and how they work together. In addition, through team coaching they will develop their collective leadership to more effectively engage with all their key stakeholder groups to jointly transform the wider business.” – Dr. Peter Hawkins, Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School, Emeritus Chairman of Bath Consultancy Group, Chairman of Renewal Associates, and a Leading Consultant, Coach, Writer and Researcher


Learning Objectives:
(1) Be able to identify and understand individual and collective styles of behaviors of the team.
(2) Gain a better understanding of themselves, and their colleagues and learn to leverage these strengths for the collective benefit of the team.
(3) Improve collaboration within the team so that the “whole is more than the sum of the parts”.
(4) Clarify collective results that will enable team members to become ambassadors for any new actions or initiatives.
(5) Participate in team learning activities that will create a safe space where team members can hold each other mutually accountable for individual and team results.


Target Audience:

Any team of more than four that is committed to the achievement of set of common goals


Prerequisite: None


Six months to a year.


Delivery Method:
Face-to-Face and/or Online


Costing will be available upon request