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Real Talk: Taking Time Out for Men’s Health


Dr. Bandele Majeks, MBBS. DM.

  • In 2011 he cofounded a multidisciplinary practice in Warrens Healthcare Complex.
  • His practice specializes in medicine, occupational health, sports medicine, urgent care and has a radiological suite.
  • Dr Majeks also co-founded Urgent Care Mobile in 2016.
  • Dr Majeks and his team launched they own COVID Unit called Urgent Care Mobile.
  • Dr Majeks and his partner Dr Makeba Brooks recently launched Urgent Care Medical Center based at the Estates at St George in Boarded Hall.
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Course Date

06 January 2024

Course Times

10 am – 11 am

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Audra Gail Mitchell

VP Group Learning & Development at the Massy Group and General Manager of the Massy Learning Institute (MLI)