Building Your Resilience Muscle


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US$126.00(Non-Massy Employees)

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Building Your Resilience Muscle

It goes without saying that these pandemic times are unprecedented, placing untold demands on all of us. Some of us are learning to home-school for the first time; others are dealing with the loss of a job; still more are learning how to transform casual hobbies into serious careers. The “new normal”, it seems, will never be quite normal at all. If your inner bandwidth and digital being feels taxed, this is the course for you. This training helps you to see your resilience as a resource, showing you how to build it and use it to support yourself, your family, and your organization.

Participants will learn to:

• Explore the Resilience Grid, its importance to us as individuals and the change process in developing the attributes of a resilient mindset.

• Turn adversity into advantages using the three dimensions—Persistence, Pervasiveness and Perceptions.

• Unlock the ABC Technique to counter negative thinking.

• Strengthen self-awareness tools using mindfulness, and refine the energy coefficient in achieving an optimal work-life balance.



Class Size



Four hours (virtually)

Delivery Method

Virtual Instructor Led

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