Building Stronger Teams : Leading with Empathy using the Empathy Toy® Game


US$75.00(Massy Employees)
US$95.00(Non-Massy Employees)

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Building Stronger Teams : Leading with Empathy using the Empathy Toy® Game


Unlock the power of empathy and collaboration in this 2-hour seminar. Join us for an interactive session where participants tackle real-world challenges through collaborative gameplay. Explore and elevate your skills in navigating communication breakdowns and hone your ability to help foster more cohesive work environments, using the tactile and interactive Empathy Toy® game.

Participants will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of empathy as a foundation for effective collaboration and leadership
  • Examine the impact of miscommunication on team dynamics and the work environment.
  • Explore the value of trust within teams and its importance in enhancing collaboration and leadership effectiveness.
  • Engage in hands-on activities to develop practical insights and strategies for collaborative problem-solving in real world scenarios.
  • Acquire practical insights and skills applicable to real-life work situations, contributing to a more cohesive and empathetic work environment.



Target Audience

All Levels of the Organisation

Class Size

25 people


Two hours (virtually)

Delivery Method

Virtual Instructor Led

Other Delivery Formats available:

  1. In Person
  2. Hybrid. 

Contact for details.

Registration Deadline Date


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