Our purpose is “to create a culture that inspires life-long learning and drives competitive advantage in life and leadership” through on-boarding, leadership development, technical development, competency assessments, coaching and mentoring, and personal development.


MLI’s philosophy is to shift the paradigm from a “Training Culture” to a “Learning Culture”. We offer customized programs using a non-traditional approach in today’s disruptive environment.

Empowering You. Creating a Difference!

Listen Like A Leader

A three day exploration of the power of listening to transform relationships. Read more

Workforce Transformation

A workshop focused on building the workforce of the future. Read more

Coaching for Performance

Improve your team’s performance using coaching as a hands-on tool. Read more

Lean Six Sigma

Achieve significant improvements in critical business processes. Read more

Create a Motivational Environment


Check out this 2 day workshop which provides techniques for Managers to create an environment which engages and inspires employees.

Read More

The Discipline of Personal Mastery


Leaders who practice personal mastery, continuously search for what is important to them and their organizations and the current reality of both.

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