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About Us

The Massy Learning Institute (MLI) is a network of trained facilitators who specialize in experiential learning programs. We focus on the development and application of behavioural and leadership competencies that are required to survive and thrive in an environment of continuous disruption. These programs are offered both internally and externally.

We aim to foster a learning culture that goes beyond life and leadership and an environment that supports the reskilling and upskilling of people.  As a Leadership Accelerator, we support the succession planning and talent management of companies, while offering a strategic platform that delivers innovative content.

MLI Team



To create a culture that inspires life-long learning and drives competitive advantage.



Empowering individuals and organizations to be the best version of themselves.



We deliver transformative, innovative, continuous learning with purposeful practice

Our Value


Our offerings are customized, accessible and affordable with a blended approach to learning that will drive competitive advantage for your company.



Our promise to you is: Respect; Safe space; Generosity of Spirit; Growth and Innovation.