Emotional Intelligence

Course Information:
Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to recognise and manage emotions. Those who possess this skill are more likely to avoid miscommunication, reach consensus, address conflicts effectively and manage stress. This interactive training programme explores the ins and outs of EI. Through a range of interactive activities, participants will learn how to develop their abilities to recognise and manage their emotions.


Learning Objectives:

To increase participants knowledge of Emotional Intelligence, improve their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, as well as their adaptability and stress management.

Upon completion of this Module, participants will have:

  • An understanding of the importance of using Emotional Intelligence
  • The ability to create an environment for productive work relationships
  • A model to guide your responses to difficult and challenging situations
  • The ability to self-motivate while tempering negative responses
  • One-on-one communication skills for constructive feedback and conflict management
  • The confidence to deal with resistance and negativity
  • The ability to demonstrate leadership qualities that promote trust, motivation, and commitment to results
  • Skills in “outcome thinking”


Target Audience:
Sales audiences, Customer Service Personnel, Human Resource Professionals, Business Owners, Supervisors, Line Managers.

This training is also ideal as part of a leadership development programme and can be tailored to meet specific goals.




Class Size:
15-20; can be customized to suit any class size



1 day


Delivery Method: