Team Building

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Through this course learners will understand how to build a team that is technically strong and operationally effective by establishing trust and cohesion among members of the team. Failures within a team or work environment has a direct link to poor teamwork and ineffective communication among team members. Building high-performing teams helps to drive business success. In this course team building activities are used as a strategy for strengthening team bonds, improving communication within the team and develop your team’s strength, cohesiveness and effectiveness. As a key outcome the strategies for activities is to motivate your people to work together, to develop their strengths and to address any weaknesses.

• Understand the DNA of a Strong Team and How to Create this Within Your Team
• Understand the Benefits Team Building Activities and Exercises
• Understand How, When and Why to Use Team Building Activities and Exercises
• Understand How to Managing Conflict
• Understand How to Identify & Address Team Development Issues
• Understand How to Facilitate Team Building Activities

Target Audience

General Audience



Class Size

15-20 persons


4 hours (Virtual)/ 1 day(classroom)

Delivery Method

Virtual Instructor Led/Classroom