Supervisory Training for Performance

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This programme seeks to provide participants transitioning to the role of leading persons, (including persons who may have formerly been their peers) by providing them management with strategies and competencies for effective supervision.

• Understand the characteristics and the responsibilities of a Supervisor and know how your behaviour affects the team.
• Explore coaching as a method to sustain and improve the performance of a team.
• Understand how and when to delegate to achieve Department goals.
• Examine how the importance of a shared vision can empower teams to produce results.
• Utilize performance management to increase productivity.
• Have a basic knowledge of specific areas of employment law.

Target Audience

Team Leads, Supervisors, New Managers


A desire to embrace continuous personal development as a way of life

Class Size

15-18 persons


4 hours (Virtual)/ 1 day(classroom)

Delivery Method

Virtual Instructor Led, Classroom