Middle Management Programme

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The “Massy Middle Management Programme” has been in existence for eleven (11) +years and has benefitted more than 430 persons to date. The Programme is intended to provide Mid-Level and Emerging Managers with the skills and knowledge to Lead their teams and organizational outcomes effectively within their workplace, thereby align their leadership behaviors with the Organization’s goals and strategies. The programme is structured around the Expectations of a Massy Leader and seeks to develop participants in keeping with these Expectations and Massy’s Values not only in their Leadership, but in their lives.

• Understand your own Behavioural/Leadership Style and the impact it has on your team.
• Lead, manage and engage teams for positive strategic outcomes
• Demonstrate, adapt and embed new behaviors in yourselves and your teams (lead by example) thereby creating a culture where employees thrive and flourish.
• Be a change agent by understanding and managing the impact of change on yourselves and your teams.
• Implement strategy to strengthen your team’s competitive advantage
• Focus on individual and team strengths to enhance talent capability and performance
• See the bigger picture and understand your role and responsibility in shaping the organization’s future whilst achieving Values Based Results.
• Enable effective decision making and judgment in challenging situations
• Successfully navigate organizational politics to achieve business results

Target Audience

Team Leads, Supervisors, Managers



Class Size

20-25 persons


18-20 months

Delivery Method