Managing Anxiety Levels & Increasing Productivity at Work

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Do you experience high levels of stress? Do you have the tools to effectively cope with everyday life? Join us for the interactive session where participants will build the skills necessary to manage their stress levels and improve personal productivity!

•Explore the natural purpose of anxiety and a description of the body’s stress response system.
•Understand and be able to identify the signs of anxiety that yourself or someone may exhibit and need further intervention.
• Recognize the various ways anxiety impacts our lives.
• Examine the strategies of mind-body connection and tips on how to manage anxiety while working within a team.
• Overcome procrastination and discover the tools to keep you motivated. • Understand the strategies needed for honing your personal time management skills and the importance of developing an action plan.

Target Audience

General Audience



Class Size

15-25 persons


3 hours (Virtual) / 4 hours classroom

Delivery Method

Virtual Instructor Led, Classroom