Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt)

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Lean Six Sigma is the single most power tool and methodology available today for businesses. It offers the highest level of technical and business knowledge and presents it in a way that is practical
and easy to apply. Lean Six Sigma is a well-documented way to improve customer loyalty, employee loyalty and ownership value. Borrowing from karate where expertise is measured by belt colour, a
four-belt progression is offered (white, yellow, green and black).

• Learn how to launch a Lean Six Sigma initiative at your business.
• Understand the various roles there are for a successful Lean Six Sigma program.
• Learn about product and service variation and the deadly 8 business wastes, and how Lean Six Sigma is used to reduce or eliminate them.
• Learn about the 15 Guiding Principles to reach “Operational & Business Excellence”.
• Learn how to identify and fix critical problems using DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control).
• Understand the fundamentals of how to measure process performance.
• Understand the 80/20 rule, value analysis and root cause analysis for problem solving.
• Understand how to use a control plan to help with solutions execution.

Target Audience

Executives, Managers and Supervisors


Five (5) or more years work experience, laptop

Class Size

25 persons


10 days

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