Introduction to Industrial Relations

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This programme provides an overview of the basic concepts of the disciplinary procedures and grievance process; the conciliations and the arbitration process and the pivotal role of HR functions in creating
a harmonious work environment conducive to improved productivity and business success for all stakeholders.

• Understand the concept behind the words ‘Industrial Relations’
• Appreciate its relevance and application in the employer/employee relationship
• Understand the overarching legal framework that underpins Industrial Relations including:
o Bilateral Interfacing – Learning the nuances between one-on-one meetings, and meetings with a representative of the worker.
o Dissecting the processes and procedures associated with the legislative framework guiding the Ministry of Labour.
o Understanding the procedures and processes of the Industrial Court
▪ Is the Industrial Court and the MOL guided by the same concepts? What makes them fundamentally different?
• Identify the tenets of Progressive Discipline
o Understand the principles that guide the application of the Progressive Disciplinary Process. Are there International guidelines? If so, what are they?

Target Audience

Mid-Level Managers, Supervisors, Team Leads and HR Professionals



Class Size

15-20 persons


4 hours (Virtual)/4 hours (classroom)

Delivery Method

Virtual Instructor Led, Classroom