Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

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This practical programme will enable Non-Financial Professionals to “fill the gaps” in their financial knowledge quickly, relating it directly to their dayto-day operations by covering the most essential tools and concepts used to accelerate business performance. The workshop will explore how to analyze the historical performance of financial reports and forecasting of financial performance. Participants will be better able to communicate the financial goals and performances of their departments to outside sources. They will improve their understanding and be able to use financial terminology and methodology to communicate with others, including financial managers in their organizations.

• Understand and evaluate financial statement elements
• Assess business performance using comparisons (ratios)
• Evaluate key business decisions
• Organize and evaluate the performance of corporate units
• Relate business strategy to external financial reporting
• Evaluate capital expenditure proposals
• Understand financial performance and capital requirements
• Bonus: Preparation and use budgets as a management tool
• Bonus: Measure the cost and profitability of a product or service

Target Audience

General Audience



Class Size

25 persons


2 hours (Virtual)/ 3 hours (classroom)

Delivery Method

Virtual Instructor Led, Classroom