Expectations of a Massy Leader

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Join us for an interactive workshop in which we explain and explore the 5 tenets of this time-tested leadership model. Participants will take away tools and concepts that will inform how they lead both in their personal and professional lives. This exploration will require participants to reflect on their own leadership styles and identify opportunities for improvement in how they lead both themselves and others.

After the completion of the workshop participants will be equipped with a multi-faceted leadership philosophy that will significantly impact the lives of the people they lead.
• Participants will be able to dissect their current leadership dilemmas through a structured and measurable framework.
• The lens through which participants view the leadership competencies of others will be broadened.
• Participants will have gained a few takeaways that they can implement to improve their effectiveness.

Target Audience

Leaders at all levels



Class Size

20-25 persons


2 (7-hour) sessions (Virtual)/2 days classroom

Delivery Method

Virtual Instructor Led, Classroom