Decision Making & Problem Solving

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Decision Making and Problem Solving is central to every activity undertaken by any professional. Unfortunately, too many of our professionals embrace the perspective that a good day at the workplace is one in which they would have encountered very few problems. In this programme, participants will be introduced to the tools that facilitate a rational, rather than emotional approach to problem identification, promote its use in the development of relevant solutions that contribute to enhanced efficiency and effectiveness, and encourage the active solicitation of different disciplines to strengthen the decision process.

• Explore the impact of rational and emotional decisions on and employees’ performance and organizational outcomes
• Discuss the organizational context that facilitates the application of programmed and non-programmed decisions
• Use conceptual frames for organizational effectiveness to facilitate problem
• Examine how decision tools can be used to enhance the quality of managerial
• Examine how the embrace of perspectives from other disciplines (e.g. Finance; HR, IT) can be used to improve the quality of recommendations
• Discuss the significance of ethical issues in the decision making process.

Target Audience

Managers, Supervisors, Team Leads, HR Professionals



Class Size

15-25 persons


Two (2) 4-hour sessions (Virtual)/ 2 days (classroom)

Delivery Method

Virtual Instructor Led/Classroom