Critical Thinking: Thinking your way to improved effectiveness

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Critical thinking is the process in which one challenges the assumptions one holds about people, events and stimuli in the environment. Because we all view the world through the lens of our lived experiences, critical thinking is necessary to examine the paradigms we cherish. This programme is designed to assist participants in examining how some of their existing paradigms can stymie their progress and negatively impact organizational performance.

•Examine how the use of critical thinking in the workplace and in daily life, can improve your potential for personal and professional success.
• Understand how paradigms formed through our lived experiences can determine how we find meaning in the workplace.
• Employ a framework for examining the perspectives held on critical organizational issues.
• Explore self-sabotaging patterns that can limit your success at individual pursuits.
•Use the critical thinking framework to examine your assumptions and beliefs.

Target Audience

General Audience



Class Size

15-18 persons


Three (3) 4-hour sessions (Virtual)/ 2 days (classroom)

Delivery Method

Virtual Instructor Led/Classroom