Conscious Leadership

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Explore the tenets of Conscious Capitalism and their impact on your journey to be a conscious leader who is driven by service to the company’s purpose, to all the people the business touches and to the planet we all share. Evidence is mounting that businesses that embrace this philosophy significantly outperform traditional businesses in financial terms, while also creating many other forms of well-being.

During the workshop we will explore some of the practices required to take your leadership to another level of consciousness and respond to your self-reflection “How am I going to change my leadership style to be a Conscious Leader?” In addition, participants will leave the session with guidance on ways to enhance their Conscious Leadership journey and align it with the requirements of a disruptive business environment.

Target Audience

Persons with the responsibility of leading others.


A deep commitment to lift your leadership impact to another level

Class Size

15-18 persons


4 hours (Virtual)/ 1 day(classroom)

Delivery Method

Virtual Instructor Led