Conducting Virtual Interviews

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Hiring the best talent is not a game of change, but an excursion characterized by strategy. Covid-19 has forced employers to re-examine their recruitment processes and hiring techniques.
This course is designed to support organisations and teams in developing and executing a virtual recruitment strategy. The teaching techniques and course content will allow the learner to get the most out of a virtual interview and develop a clear plan of action. Participants will examine the following:
• Interviewing candidates using online technology
• identify and apply virtual etiquette tips in the interviewing process
• A work plan on how to proceed and implement taking ethical and legal considerations into account
• Eliminate reservations related to the use of virtual recruitment practices

Upon completion of this program, participants should:
• Understand the Elements of the Recruitment Process
• Understand the Virtual Recruitment Process
• Understand How to Conduct Interviews Effectively
o History of Interviewing
o ABCs Interviewing
o Pitfalls to Avoid & How to Evaluate Candidates
o Virtual Interviewing Etiquette (tips and tools)
• Understand How to Identify Interview Tools & Questions
o R3 Interview Toolkit
o Conducting the Virtual Interview
o Getting Ridiculous
• Understand How to Apply the Knowledge Shared
o Organising Your Recruitment Process
o Developing Your Virtual Recruitment Strategy

Target Audience

Persons with responsibility for managing/leading teams & HR Professionals



Class Size

15-20 persons


4 hours (Virtual)/1 day (classroom)

Delivery Method

Virtual Instructor Led, Classroom