Coaching For Performance

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Improve your team’s performance using coaching as a hands-on leadership tool. Come and embrace the leadership philosophy of the “the leader that coaches; the coach that leads”. Once implemented, observe the significant movement your Company takes towards the establishment of a coaching culture.

• Participants will have access to the potential of coaching as the “behavioural” bridge to move them from a command and control style of leadership to servant leadership.
• Participants will be equipped to start performance conversations in which they can simultaneously challenge and support.
• Participants will be able to use the power of coaching conversations to positively impact the culture of the Company.
• Participants will learn to use the tool of conversation to build trust and accountability within their teams.
• Participants will learn to distinguish between an accountability issue and an opportunity to coach.
• Participants will be able to use coaching as a performance improvement tool. • Participants will be equipped with the tools and techniques to hold an effective coaching conversation.

Target Audience

Persons with responsibility for managing/leading teams



Class Size

25 persons


4 hour+s/ 1 day(classroom)

Delivery Method

Virtual Instructor Led, Classroom