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Emotional Intelligence

In this programme, you will improve your self-awareness, more healthily manage stress, while building resilience, optimism, and sustaining your relationships with others in the workplace.

Business Communication

In this workshop, you will learn how to communicate effectively to everyone at all levels within your organization, enhancing your performance, accuracy, and timeliness.

Leading Change

In this programme, participants will examine the need for change, discuss the various change strategies and understand that while change cannot be controlled, it can be managed.

Building Your Resilience Muscle

This training helps you to see your resilience as a resource, showing you how to build it and use it to support yourself, your family, and your organization.

Managing Challenging Conversations in the Workplace

In this interactive workshop, participants will gain the skills and strategies to successfully conduct challenging conversations in a professional setting.

Maximizing Employee Performance

This programme teaches that barriers to leadership are not always external. Learn how to lead by increasing your self-awareness and removing your internal barriers to achieving peak performance.

Expectations of a Massy Leader

This time-tested leadership model. Participants will gain insight into how they lead personally and professionally, identify opportunities for improvement, and gain tools and concepts for mastery.

Leadership: Listen Like a Leader

Measure success in terms of impact on people, instead of simply impact on bottom line—this course will equip you with skills to improve your relationships in the workplace and everyday life.

Massy Learning Institute can provide the following courses On Demand

Conscious Leadership

In this workshop, you’ll explore the tenets of Conscious Capitalism —a framework that will better align you with your company’s purpose, the people you serve, and the planet we all share. As a conscious leader, you’ll learn to impact both.

Debt Recovery Skills, Tools and Techniques

This course serves Collection Officers twofold. It will equip you with the skills and techniques in order to confidently collect, while continuing a productive, respectful relationship with the debtor.

Introduction to Industrial Relations

This course will introduce you to an overview of the essentials—disciplinary procedures and the grievance process, conciliations and the arbitration process, and the pivotal role of HR .

Leadership: Coaching for Performance

This course will teach you that coaching is a complete culture of encouragement. Implement our tools and philosophy, and observe as your organization embraces sweeping positive change.

Massy Middle Management

We will guide you on your path to becoming a Massy Leader, in keeping with our Group’s expectations. Reinvigorate your career outlook—and change your life for the better.

Workforce Transformation in a Digital Economy

Welcome to the new age of human development. Are you ready to embrace the ways digitalization is transforming the workforce? Enroll in this course to ensure that your business is future-proof.

Team Building

We all want our teams to be technically strong and operationally effective. In this course, you will engage in building activities to motivate, strengthen bonds, improve communication, and ultimately drive business success.

The Company’s Financial Statement and YOU!

Every leader must thoroughly understand their company’s financial statements. Improve your insight—and have informed conversations—with the aid of this course.

Managing Anxiety Levels & Increasing Productivity at Work

In this interactive session, gain the skills you need to become more balanced, more productive, and most importantly, happier and healthier.

Self-Leadership: Transformational Leadership in Practice

Participants will enhance their self-understanding and apply practical skills and principles to advance their leadership journey—and their path to self-mastery.

Critical Thinking: Thinking your way to improved effectiveness

Designed to assist participants in examining how some of their existing paradigms can stymie their progress and negatively impact organizational performance.

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