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"I encourage anyone to do this course. I have acquired the skills to use reflective listening in a personal and professional capacity. I believe with continuous practice I will be able to handle confrontations effectively because I AM THE MESSAGE. Thank you!"

Natalie Deane | Human Resources Assistant | Roberts Manufacturing Company Ltd.

"Listen like a Leader It was an intense 3 days. At first, I was quite skeptical. However, I jumped in and gave it a fair chance. There were vulnerability and afterward acceptance. I have the tools to become a better communicator and am optimistic."

Jewel Garner | Legal Officer | Massy United Insurance Ltd.

"Listen like a Leader This program was well presented by the professors. It enabled me to look deep within my character for behaviors that distort effective communication especially listening. I'm grateful for such an opportunity and look forward to the challenge of applying the skills learned to the real world"

Keisa Small | Sales Manager | Massy Stores (Barbados) Ltd.

"Listen Like A Leader This was an inspirational informative and refreshing course, I will refer others."

Shamelia Wright - Operations Support Manager (Barbados)

"Listen like a Leader Professors were knowledgeable and made info easy to understand. I'd recommend anyone who gets the opportunity to attend."

Suzanne Nurse - Employee Benefits Department Team Member | Massy (Barbados) Ltd

"This was an excellent course. Every Barbadian should attend. This would change our society in tremendously positive ways."

Natalee Harrigan | HSSE Officer | Massy Properties (Barbados) Ltd.

"Awesome course, very good, extremely insightful. Well presented, simple but applicable, life-changing, food for thought moments, impactful."

Troy Best | Brand Manager | Massy Distribution (Barbados) Ltd.

"Excellent job professors! I am happy and quite proud to have been selected. I was able to zoom in and further define my communication deficits. My energy has already shifted to being more positive because 'I AM THE MESSAGE'."

Danielle Brome | Sales Manager | Massy Distribution (Barbados) Ltd.