Relational Intelligence: The New Bottom Line For Businesses

All humans come to the table of life with a world full of experiences, beliefs, assumptions, and baggage that they collect along the way. In ‘the old days,’ we would have plenty of touchpoints in the workplace to figure out what makes people tick—what their values are, what they’re capable of, inspired by, or struggling with behind the scenes.

Advancements of AI, all against the backdrop of a world in turmoil, building high-quality relationships has taken on a whole new dimension of challenges.

Relationships inform everything from loyalty and engagement to the depth of purpose and joy individuals find in their work.

Knowing that people leave bosses, not jobs, bosses will now have to learn a whole new set of skills that extend far beyond the confines of traditional ‘soft skills.’

They will need to master the art of being present, authentic, and attuned to their employees on profound levels.

They will need to 10 times their intuition to ‘read the room’ when everyone is afraid to say ‘the thing’ that no one else will.

They will need to be impeccable in their words, given the tremendous power they hold to create connections or divides.

In the current landscape, this quality of leadership has never been more essential, especially considering the significance it holds for the GenX and Millennial cohorts shaping the future.

The Solution:
Relational intelligence is acquired through coaching and becomes ingrained within an organization when consistently exemplified by its leadership.

Although coaching with external solutions has become a popular trend, HR leaders are now recognizing the benefits of having an ‘Embedded Coach’—a full-time employee that teaches relational intelligence to individuals at all levels of the organization through coaching programs, customized training, and workshops.

Establishing a strong and transparent partnership with HR, the Embedded Coach collaboratively creates solutions to enhance engagement, foster connection, and build trust.

As a partner to the business, they can influence and support everything from:

  • Learning & Development
  • Change Management
  • Engagement
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Hiring/Transitioning
  • Retention/Attrition
  • Advising and supporting the C-Suite

As a partner to the people, they help them:

  • Embrace change and agility
  • Stay connected and aligned in the realities of remote work
  • Up-level leaders on every front
  • Get out of their heads and into the present moment
  • Increase their Relational and Emotional Intelligence
  • Communicate directly with compassion
  • Build relationships that foster trust and loyalty
  • Gain an alternative perspective or approach

As Culture Ambassadors, they:

  • Model and instill the company’s values, practices, and norms
  • Serve as sources of truth, naturally fostering accountability
  • Embed the ‘secret sauce’ that forms the foundation of legacy cultures

As the world as we know it continues to transform, the Embedded Coach is THE solution to fostering conscious leadership and connected cultures.

by Alita Watson, Alma Leadership

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